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Hope and Care for Little Souls brings hope to at-risk and parentless children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and we need your help!

Hope and Care For Little Souls is serving the children of the Ituri region of north eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Did you know that the children in this area continue to be devastated by conflict, disease, and limited access to even the most basic education and healthcare? They are the innocent victims of conflict and economic under-privilege in one of the poorest countries in the world!

HCLS is filling the gaps for at-risk and parentless children in and around the town of Bunia through the provision of high quality education, a fostering program, and emergency medical care.

Thank you for visiting our website and we would love for you to take a few moments to learn about what we do, how we are bringing real hope to the children of DRC, and how you can help us realise our vision through child sponsorship!




Lives Changed

Uganda & DRC


More than 90% of all donations & sponsorship funds are used on the ground in Africa.

Staffed by dedicated volunteers, only 7.5% is used for administration in Australia!

HCLS is a project of Australia HOPE International (AHI), an amazing volunteer-run organisation bringing hope to the children of central Africa.

Donations to AHI development projects are fully tax deductible in Australia.

HCLS is operated in partnership with AHI, who seek to provide a brighter future to Africa’s abandoned and needy children through the development of schools, vocational training, small business opportunities, emergency relief, women’s associations, street kid’s projects, clinics and medical centres.

AHI projects rely entirely on the generosity of individuals, churches and organisations. It is run by volunteers in partnership with dedicated African partners in DR Congo and Uganda. More than 90% of all donations and sponsorship is used in Africa in AHI Partner projects, with only 7.5% used for administration in Australia.

To get more information on HCLS and other AHI projects, or to consider child sponsorship or a one-off financial contribution please get in touch at:

phone: +61-8-81880398
mail: PO Box 387 Nairne SA 5252


November 2023 – Deborah’s Story

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When Deborah was just 5 years old, her father died after suffering for a long time with an undiagnosed illness, leaving her and her four brothers with their mother. Now…

February 2023 – A visit to Bunia for our new Director!

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In February our new HCLS Director was able to make a very welcome visit to Bunia in the Democratic Republic of Congo. where HCLS is based. The visit was a…

June 2022 – Recovering from tragic loss, new leadership for HCLS!

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In 2021, we had no concept of what was about to unfold for HCLS. For our founder and director at the time, Dino Kile Mozart, the big challenge was dealing…

April 23, 2018 – The violence around Bunia has calmed, what now?

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  In recent discussion with our director in Bunia, Mozart Dino Kile, he advised that the massacres in the region have ceased with the arrival of UN peacekeepers, and the…

March 5, 2018 – HCLS providing food support to hundreds of displaced people.

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The last month has been disastrous for the Ituri province around Bunia, with the violence that started in our director Mozart's home village sparking an explosion of tit-for-tat reprisals, and…

February 5, 2018 – Violence has reared it’s ugly head again in Bunia

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Very disturbing stories and images coming out of Bunia and the surrounding region today. There was a violent massacre on the weekend in Mozart's home village of Blukwa in which…

Sponsorship is the most effective way to give a child hope!

When you sponsor a child for just $50 a month, you join the HCLS community and help us address the many challenges affecting Congolese children’s wellbeing. Your monthly sponsorship will help us continue providing:

Quality education of the highest standard possible

Nutritional needs to help healthy development

Healthcare to fight ever-present tropical diseases

The love and nurturing of caring and dedicated staff