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In 2021, we had no concept of what was about to unfold for HCLS. For our founder and director at the time, Dino Kile Mozart, the big challenge was dealing with COVID and the impact that it was having on day-to-day life at HCLS. Little did we realise that within a few short weeks that same disease would ultimately claim his life while he was also battling malaria and cholera.

What a blessing it has been to have Mozart’s older brother Calvin Kile step into the role of Director, supporting the team on the ground in Bunia with wisdom, patience, and servant leadership when this was desperately needed.

Even though he is based in Indianapolis, USA he has worked tirelessly (and often sleeplessly!) along with our hard working staff on the ground in Bunia to make sure that our children are cared for with the same love and integrity that our beloved Mozart brought to the program.

Thankyou to Calvin and everyone at HCLS for your amazing work!