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In February our new HCLS Director was able to make a very welcome visit to Bunia in the Democratic Republic of Congo. where HCLS is based. The visit was a huge encouragement for all of the staff and children, and they welcomed him with songs and dancing at a special assembly!

Calvin was able to meet with our teachers, administrators, and most importantly the children that are learning and being cared for in the town of Bunia through our nursery, primary and secondary programs. He had a chance to meet two of the widows that are supported by the program also, a part of the program that we would love to expand in coming years.

He also had the pleasure of catching up with family that he had not seen for many years as this was is first visit to DRC in many years since moving to the USA. This included a solemn visit to the graves of his two brothers who passed away with COVID in 2021, including our beloved founder Mozart Kile.

It was a packed visit with a huge amount of work completed,  joyful reunion and wonderful interaction with everyone at HCLS!