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When Deborah was just 5 years old, her father died after suffering for a long time with an undiagnosed illness, leaving her and her four brothers with their mother. Now a widow with no realistic means to care for them, and with the security and economic situation of the country deteriorating, they were completely overwhelmed financially and as a result they could not even attend school.

Deborah came to HCLS in 2009 when she was 11 years old, receiving education, sponsorship and healthcare for 9 years. After completing her studies at HCLS she achieved a state diploma in General Education, which resulted in her getting a job as a primary school teacher, earning a salary, and the ability to care for her now elderly mother as well as supporting her younger brothers through their education!

Through the gift of education and care at HCLS, Deborah’s story is one of hope, and in her own words “I am sincerely thankful to HCLS for everything it did for me and will never forget it. My love, thanks and greetings reach all those who have supported me to become who I am today.”