Mugisa Bugasaki (C311)

From: $50.00 / month

Age:  6 Years Old
Gender:  Male
Background: My dad was an alcoholic and died suddenly during a drunken episode. I am now living with my widowed mum and three siblings, but my mum is not able to find work and life is very difficult for us. Without HCLS I would not be able to attend school and get the care that I need.

Your sponsorship provides your sponsor child with:

  • The best education in the region, from dedicated and experienced teachers;
  • Uniforms, school supplies, and tuition at a HCLS school;
  • Health care, including medical check ups, medications and emergency medical care;
  • Love, care, and attention from staff committed to shining light into troubled lives; and
  • Hope for a better future!

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