Christvie Torach Upoki (C312)

From: $50.00 / month

Age:  5 Years Old
Gender:  Female
Background: My dad died after a long and painful and illness, which was probably as a result of alcoholism. My mum and my siblings are now living with our uncle and his family, but there is very little money and we are not able to go to school or get the care we need without the help of a program like HCLS.

Your sponsorship provides your sponsor child with:

  • The best education in the region, from dedicated and experienced teachers;
  • Uniforms, school supplies, and tuition at a HCLS school;
  • Health care, including medical check ups, medications and emergency medical care;
  • Love, care, and attention from staff committed to shining light into troubled lives; and
  • Hope for a better future!

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